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OneWeb Satellite Broadband

The OneWeb constellation will grow to around 650 satellites by 2023, providing unrivalled coverage across the Nordics and Northern Europe. With additional launches planned late 2022 and into 2023, the network will soon provide exceptional coverage across all of Europe.

Our partner OneWebs network of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites provides fast, dependable connection with low latency.

The OneWeb networks uses the latest generation of ‘LEO’ satellites, as opposed to GEO (geostationary) satellites. The key advantage of LEO is the comparatively short distance they are positioned above the Earth, which is around 745 miles. GEO satellites operate in higher orbit, at around 22,000 miles. With LEO satellites being positioned closer to receivers on earth the speed to send and receive signals is much quicker, reducing latency down below 100MS, providing an ideal solution for business applications where speed of data transmission is paramount.

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Service plans

Our enterprise specific service plans range from Classic, Enhanced, Premium and Dedicated, each offering a different data package and level of support. So, whether you are a single site SME in need of a robust, high-speed connection, or a large operator requiring multi side connectivity and failover solutions, we can tailor a solution for your specific needs.

Equipment & Installation

The OneWeb dual parabolic antenna is designed for high throughput performance and efficiency. Featuring two identical 73cm antennas, the unit is mounted outside and has a footprint of approx. 250cm x 75cm.

The antenna is connected via a coaxial cable to a Customer Network Exchange (CNX) unit, which is the interface between the user’s equipment and the satellite network.

In addition to the dual antenna, where space is at a premium, further options will be available shortly including a single parabolic antenna and a flat panel solution.

Our installation team will visit your site prior to sign off to check the optimum positioning of the antenna.

Our OneWeb LEO satellite solutions are ideal for applications in healthcare, maritime, retail, mining, oil and gas, offshore energy and for failover/business continuity.

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